Perimeter Walls

Load bearing natural limestone walls are durable and elegant. They provide an effective perimeter boundary while blending beautifully into the surrounding environment.

Suggested construction methods are provided below.

Maximum Block Dimensions
60″ 24″ 36″
Split-face or roughback on front and/or back faces, sawn on all other surfaces.
Solid Limestone walls can be build in the Dallas wind pressure zone using the following criteria:
Wall Thickness: Maximum Height:
6″ 5′ 0″
8″ 6′ 8″
10″ 8′ 4″
12″ 10′ 0″

Wall heights are only valid when the stone is laid up with Type S mortar.

We recommend that ALL walls have horizontal reinforcing such as a ladder type by Dur-O-Wal, Inc. The reinforcing should be at a minimum of every other course and out-to-out size should be 2″less than the wall thickness.

Expansion joints should be at a maximum of 40 feet on center. These joints should be filled with sealant. The expansion joint should also follow through the concrete foundation.

If a thinner wall is desirable, columns and/or pilasters are necessary. The columns would form approximately 2 foot squares and be filled with mortar. They would also require vertical steel reinforcing extending from the foundation.

Use of thinner stone may not result in appreciable cost savings. For example, a 6″ thick wall that is 6 feet tall would need columns at about 15 feet on center. Column spacing any larger than this requires excessive steel reinforcing in the wall.