Through a pioneering approach to fabrication and installation, American Limestone Company has done the seemingly impossible—it has made beautiful, high quality architectural limestone more affordable.

Engineered by Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc., the patented ALC Solution is comprised of pre-engineered natural limestone architectural elements and a revolutionary installation system employing individual or continuous anchors.

In its most basic applications, the ALC Solution is a modular system. Continuous anchors – tracks in effect – are screwed into a building’s substrate, panels or moldings slid onto them, and the joints grouted or sealed with silicone.

Better Quality

Incorporating the lessons of the standardization of the lumber industry, the ALC Solution offers a range of standard natural limestone architectural elements that are pre-designed, pre-engineered and fabricated using a production line approach.

This reduces inefficiencies of all descriptions, and fosters greater consistency among finished pieces.

Lower Cost

Savings using the ALC Solution come principally from the lower material cost of the pieces — pre-engineered pieces cost less to produce — and from the ease of installation.

The anchors transfer the live load of the stone back to the building’s structure and therefore eliminate the need for costly brick ledges, lintels and relief angles.

What is more, the working drawings for the pieces can be downloaded and incorporated into architectural plans, offering even further savings.

Same Elegance

The ALC Solution reduces the cost and effort traditionally associated with specifying limestone, but it does nothing to diminish the resulting building’s impact.

In fact, the system’s innovative engineering affords the freedom to experiment with a variety of colors, patterns and textures, particularly when individual anchors are used.

That same engineering makes the ALC Solution – when installed using individual anchors and caulked joints – suitable for seismically active areas (please contact us for specifics).

It also makes cladding existing structures with limestone that much easier; in fact, buildings that could not otherwise support stone can now receive a dramatic facelift.

Metal buildings – particularly where code makes metal cladding impossible – are other ideal candidates for the ALC Solution.

For more information on the multiple benefits of the ALC Solution, visit our Advantages page.