Commercial Limestone Design

Limestone was the material used by the Romans for the Colosseum, the Egyptians for the Pyramids at Giza, and the architects of the Empire State Building. It speaks of establishment, continuity and strength.

Once accessible to only the select few, the elegance of natural limestone is now within reach thanks to the patented ALC Solution, the pioneering product from American Limestone Company.

What is the ALC Solution?

Briefly, it’s pre-engineered natural limestone architectural elements and a revolutionary installation system employing individual or continuous anchors.

You get a better product at a lower cost with the same elegance as limestone fabricated and hung in the conventional manner.

Perimeter walls, retail facades, reception areas, hospital buildings, and car showrooms are just some of the uses to which our limestone products have been put. The system is ideal for use on metal buildings.

We have also worked with Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc. to design a Curtain Wall Steel Frame System for use on taller commercial buildings.

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