Installation of the ALC Solution

The unique engineering of the ALC Solution allows for two primary methods of installation of compatible elements using the ALC Solution anchoring system.

The first – using continuous anchors, or “rails” – has the benefits of reducing the time and increasing the ease of installation.

The second – using individual anchors, or “clips” – has the benefits of reducing the material cost of the anchors, increasing design options, and making the ALC Solution suitable for seismically active areas (please call for specifics).

Installation – Continuous Anchors

  1. Continuous anchors are screwed to the building’s sheathing.
  2. Limestone panels and other compatible elements are slid onto the anchors.
  3. Joints are mortared or caulked using silicone.

Installation – Individual Anchors

  1. Individual anchors to hold the bottom of the panel or other element are screwed into the building’s sheathing.
  2. The element is applied, followed by the top anchors which are in turn screwed into the sheathing.
  3. The joints are mortared or caulked with silicone.